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Warehouse is an informational and activity check database for Hunger Games RPG, a text-based, play-by-post role-playing game. It is being developed as a personal project by caramcc.

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Reaping Check Character Limit

In order to prevent people from creating characters with the sole purpose of increasing their odds of being Reaped for a Hunger Games, a limit has been placed on the number of characters that can be entered by a single person. This limit is calculated as: 2 × (number of ineligible characters) + 10

Special Types

Certain characters might belong to a second category beyond their District/Area: Avoxes, Peacekeepers, Mayors, Victors, and Gamemakers. It is permitted to write a bio for a new Avox or Peacekeeper character. However, the other categories are restricted, due to limited supply and special distinction.


It's perfectly fine to have characters that aren't necessarily confined by the gender binary. However, for the purposes of the Reaping and the Hunger Games, where a gender binary is enforced ("one boy and one girl from each district..." etc etc), we require that all non-binary-gendered characters to edit their character to specify a gender if they wish to enter the reaping.

Upcoming Features

Top Priority

Password Reset, Email Verification

This app, being in Alpha, is missing a few extremely helpful (although crucial to the basic functionality of the app) features. The ability to reset your password via email is chief among them. I'm working on it. I promise.

User Account Deletion

As of right now it isn't possible for you (or anyone else) to delete your account using the Warehouse's web interface. If you need your account deleted in the interim, please let me know and I can delete it directly from the database.

Sorting and Querying

Sortable tables make it way easier to find what you're looking for, plain and simple. Querying will let you filter the data that you want to see. Both are on the slate for the near-ish future.


Reaping Stats

One set of features everyone seemed particularly taken with on Activity Checks v.0.1 was the various reaping stats calculator tools. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about them. They'll be coming back as soon as everything else is set to go.

Census Data

In order to get some good data on all the characters on the site, in order to crunch some numbers on that, I plan to add an optional "census form" that can be filled out for each character. This data could be used for more advanced searching options, showing trends in character demographics, and giving a more complete fact sheet for each character.

Avatars and Icons

Simple enough: an option to provide an icon for each character and user.

Cool Unnecessary Things

Slackbot Integrations

Not anywhere near top priority, but eventually I would like to integrate a bot that could be accessed via the site Slack channel.

Pipe Dreams


Eventually I'd like to make The Warehouse a service available to all sorts of RP sites. If this ever happens, it's a long way off and will likely require an upheaval of the site architecture as it currently stands.